Diary - UK

Thursday 31st January 2002 - DAY 1

Starting point: Bristol, UK
Ending point: Vliegenbos campsite, Amsterdam
Distanced travelled: 466 miles

Finally set off, after a prolonged session of goodbye drinks and meals - thanks so much everyone, it was a really great send-off. It was a strange sensation to be driving down the familiar M4 to London knowing that this was the start of a very long trip into the unknown. Made it to Dover in good time, just as the 15:15 ferry was loading. (Thanks for the free ferry ticket Joel, but unfortunately they weren't convinced by the day trip voucher - looking at the heavily laden landie "is that luggage in the back there?"). We were still high on adrenalin as we had a farewell drink on the deck and waved goodbye to the white cliffs, wondering what we were letting ourselves in for.

Rather than find somewhere to stay in Calais when we arrived, we filled up with diesel and decided to head straight up through Belgium to Amsterdam as we had done many times before. Found our way to good old Vliegenbos campsite and parked up outside (as it was closed). Wandered into town for an 'end of first day' drink before putting up the roof tent for the night.