Places to stay

If you're travelling across Asia by car, one of the most difficult things is where to park your car in the cities. Asia is pretty crowded and most hostels don't cater for travellers for vehicles. We didn't spend much time in the cities, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Below are a few places we found where you could camp or that had parking.

Europe - good idea to write to Automobile Associations or Tourist Information for each country before you leave as they are often able to provide maps including campsites

Hotels - budget hotels - obviously too few to mention, but found parking particularly difficult in the middle east and India, so here are a few ideas:

Tabriz, Iran - there is a campsite, but it was shut when we arrived. Public car park next to the tourist office on.... road.

Esfahan, Iran - secure public carpark just down the road from Amir Kabir's Hostel on....

Varanasi, India -

Kathmandu, Nepal - Thamel, Hotel Horizon