Visas and Documents (for British Citizens)- documents you will need for both vehicle and people

Iran - How to get a visa for Iran / what to wear (women)

How to get through Pakistan without a Carnet - see the Notes & Tips section on Pakistan

China - How to Get Through China

Border Crossings - table of entry/exit points for each country

Which side of the road do they drive on?

Maps and Navigation - Microsoft Encarta on our lap top which seemed to be as detailed as any maps we could find. Bought road maps for all countries in Stamfords before we left.

Gadgets - laptop, GPS, Digital Camera, CD Burner (for data backup), Mobile Phone (set up for international use, but found limited reception in practice), SW Radio, Car MD Stereo, 12v DC to 240v AC Invertor

Equipment List - Ceramic Water Filter (used in conjunction with chlorine tablets), Hi-Lift Jack, Sand Ladders (waffles which double up as bridging ladders), Roof Tent, Two Shovels (long handle and folding types), Fridge, Army Surplus Plastic Water Jerries, Dual Burner Petrol Stove, Kelly Kettle (volcano kettle), Tyre Repair Kit including Tyre Levers, Foot Pump and 12v Electric Pump, Spares Kit, Warning Triangle, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguishers, Tool Kits, Grease Gun, Snatch Strap, Screen Clean, Mag Lights/Head Torches, Binoculars, Land Rover Workshop Manual, Wolf Boxes (storage), Snow Chains.

Useful books - Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide by Tom Stoppard, Lonely Planet - Travel Health, Europe on a Shoestring, Istanbul To Kathmandu, China, SE Asia on a Shoestring, Drive Singapore by Insight Guides.

Places to stay - some useful places we found for camping/hostels with parking

Costs - what to budget, fuel costs etc.

Shipping - how to go about shipping your car